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Bluffton Park Plans

The Origins of the Bluffton Skatepark

During the summer of 2008, Ryan Roberts and Sam Burns headed a movement to expedite the process of building a skate park within the Bluffton area. They sought to bring something to the community that would promote a safe and fun environment, an environment in which everyone would be accepted. They hit the roads for three solid weeks, gathering ample amounts of petition signatures and eventually presenting their idea to town council. After a year and a half of patiently awaiting a response, they were called into a parks and recreations meeting and asked for their input on the future skate park of Bluffton. Here’s their story.

On a random summer afternoon, during typical skating-based conversation between Roberts and Burns, thoughts arose on skate parks and how it would be most desirable to have one within closer proximity. Living on the Buckwalter stretch in the midst of Bluffton, they were tired of commuting to the Beaufort and Hilton parks just to skate. After many attempts to skate Bluffton High school and various other places, they came to the previously established conclusion that skating descent spots entails numerous bust. It was at this point that they decided to head a project to expedite the county’s already existent, but far away plans to bring a skate park to the area.

After contacting and speaking with a member of the Bluffton town council (who at the time was a neighbor), Roberts and Burns developed a decisive plan of attack with the input in which they had been given. They would petition at multiple hotspots in and out of town, and attend the next few council meetings to propose their idea. Though the council member stated that Roberts and Burns only needed about 30 signatures, they proceeded to gather 1,080 signatures to make as much of an impact as possible. They desired the park for apparent skating purposes, but at the same time they wanted to provide local kids, skaters and non-skaters, with a safe, drug and alcohol free environment. They gathered as many facts as possible prior to attending their first meeting, and highlighted how skate parks have positively affected a significant amount of communities.

PetitionA page from the petition.

After the first meeting, the council seemed fairly impressed and receptive of the whole skate park idea. At this point, all Roberts and Burns could do was exercise patients as they hoped and waited for the answers they had longed for. With almost a year and a half following the first council meeting, they finally received word on the project and were invited to help with the planning. Roberts and Burns placed emphasis on a park design that would cater to all different types of skating styles: a mixture of street originated obstacles combined with the more traditional transitional aspects of a skate park. The project eventually received full approval and construction began in early 2010.

Bluffton Park Early Plans

Bluffton Park Early Plans


Bowl Construction


The Plans



On opening day, Mayor Sulka thanked Roberts and Burns for their efforts, and congratulated them on the success of their project. Still in absolute disbelief, Roberts and Burns assisted the mayor with the ribbon cutting and finally were given the chance to skate what they had work so hard for. After months of hard work and a waiting period that felt like an eternity, all of their invested time and efforts had paid off and their vision became a reality.

Bluffton Skatepark

The Bluffton Park

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BLUFFTONSKATEPARK.ORG is a site dedicated to the Buckwalter Regional Skatepark in Bluffton, SC. This site is a place where we as citizen skateboards can organize events, cleanups, and other activities at the Bluffton Skatepark.

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According to Google the park doesn’t exist, but trust us…it’s there.